Chiara Lamieri
Illustrator • Concept & Design Artist
Chiara Lamieri
Photo by Dietrich Steinmetz


I am an illustrator and visual development artist based in Cagliari. I’m working both on publishing and the animation industry.

I'm working as background artist for the animated feature film Trip to Teulada directed by Nicola Contini and Florent Mounier, produced by Mommotty S.r.l, Isla production and 2D3D Animations. I'm also a member of the Team NAS - New Animation in Sardegna - as supervisor of internship projects, specifically in the role of lead concept & design artist. Recently I directed a short animated movie called Scatto 1970, produced by NAS - New Animation in Sardegna.

For any questions regarding work or just to say hi, feel free to write me. I'd love to hear from you.

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